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Services & Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation:

Daycare: 6:30 am- 5:30pm

Preschool: Full Day: 8am-4pm 

Summer Camp: 8am- 4pm 

We are closed the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & the day after, Christmas Day.

Daycare closures and delays will post on News Channel 8 or News Channel 3. This information will also be posted in your Brightwheel account.

Rainbow Baby Bees

 6 Months -  18 months  

The Buzzing Bees room provides a warm, intimate setting for our infants. In our infant room; supporting family relationships and helping babies feel safe and secure is our priority. Continuity care is where it starts in the infant room, where the teacher will build a trusting relationship between the infant and their family. We use creative curriculum to focus on routines and experiences for our older infants and toddlers.Care is provided for infants aged 6 months to 18 months. All children are fed bottles or cereal as needed according to parents schedules. Diapers are changed every hour or as needed. Bottles, cereal, and introduction to solid food will occur in accordance with parents guidelines.

Caterpillar Room

12 months- 18 months 

Our Caterpillar Room is for our infants aged 10 months to 18 months. This room will serve as a transitory room for our young ones. All children are fed bottles, cereal or jar food and lunch as according to parents schedules. Diapers are changed every 2 hours or as needed. Bottles, cereal, and serving solid food will occur in accordance with parents guidelines. 

Wiggly Worms


Our Wiggly Worms room is a room of discovery and developing of minds where children are interested in everything and ready to learn. A preschool-based curriculum is used to help the developing two-year-old/three year old minds and enrich language from baby signs to socializing. Outdoor and large-motor play, healthy eating and habits and providing opportunities to use meaningful investigation of their world will also be influenced in this room. Children are also encouraged to being potty training in this room. The classroom has a child sized bathroom with a privacy curtain to encourage independent toileting skills.  Children are provided a light breakfast, and an afternoon snack in this room.

Dragonfly Room

15 months- 24 months 

In our waddler/toddler room we will work with your little ones on preparing them for our Wiggly Worms. Our friends in here will also transition from being in a playpen to napping on a cot. They will continue to work on shapes, circle time routine, and many other skills. The children in this classroom focus on BSL (Baby Sign Language) and Spanish. The toddler are taught how to clean up after themselves and practice sitting for small activities. Children are provided a light breakfast and an afternoon snack and this room as well, but will be required to bring lunch.

Ladybug Room

6 Weeks- 6 Months 

In Ladybug we believe in supporting family relationships and helping babies feel safe and secure is our priority. Lady Bug Room is one of our newest additions to our center. This small infant room has can hold up to 8 babies comfortably. Babies in this classroom are on their own schedule and are fed according to parental and state guidelines. Cereal and solid food will be introduced in the Baby Bees classroom.

Firefly & Butterfly Room- Preschool Rooms

3years- 5 years 

In our preschool program we will follow our state approved curriculum that will ensure that your child will be ready for Kindergarten.The Butterfly and Firefly Room encourages children to intellectually examine events and objects around them by using their investigations to suggest, plan and implement activities. Preschool-based curriculum is used in this room to engage in meaningful extended conversations and discussions with peers and adults. Developing self-control, helping others solve problems, gaining confidence in overcoming obstacles, facing setbacks, and solving problems are also focuses in the Butterfly Room. Our preschool hours will be 8am-4pm for full day. Children will swap classrooms in the afternoon for STEM and home economics. Children are provided AM snack  and an afternoon snack in this room, but are required to bring their own lunch.


Call for Availability

or email our Center at 

Center: [email protected]

Director: [email protected] 

Summer Enrichment Program

June 20th, 2022 - August 12th, 2022


Weekly Field Trips Included !


Summer Enrollment Begins April 4th!


What's a better way to introduce summer than getting elbow deep in slime? Let's get ready to get messy! This whole week children and staff will be able to create different slimes using glue, glitter, Borax, shaving cream, foam and more! 


Q: What do you call a sleeping dinosaur? A dino-snore!

 All this week the kiddos will be going back in time to investigate these giant creatures! We'll be digging for fossils, going on a scavenger hunt & visiting the Dinosaur Place!


Carnival fun until the day is done! This week will be all about bouncing, snacks and all around fun! Staff and kids will be outdoors enjoying the sun, cooking out, and playing games! Between the carnival games, clowns, cotton candy, bouncy house and balloons, we don't know how we'll top this week!

Week 4: LEGO TIME​

Who remembers LEGOS? Well they're back  and they're better than ever! Join us this week to create with LEGOS. We will have a friendly lego competition, lego themed snacks, LEGO movies and well.... all things LEGO!


ROAR! It's the week of the animals ! We'll learn all we can this week about the wonderful animals of the safari. From costumes, to books, to putting on a play about them, we're really going to get WILD this week and finish out  by visiting Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport, CT.


This will be a week of working with our hands and our bodies. Kiddos will be able to bring their bikes, skates, scooters and hoverboards so they can get moving! We'll be riding, skipping, hopping and jumping all this week! We'll have a yoga instructor and dance instructor visit the classrooms to help the kids get moving. As the title says: LETS GET PHYSICAL!


We are excited for this one. You never really outgrow the beauty of Disney! All this week we'll enjoy the wonderful Disney movies, enjoy some Disneyworld inspired snacks and have a dress up Disney party !


This week will be all about amusement parks! We'll have amusement themed games, amusement themed snacks, just pure amusement & big time fun! For our last week , we like to go big or go home! We'll be visiting Lake Compounce at the end of the week!

*Parent Volunteers Encouraged!*

What our parents are saying:

"My son has been going here since around August of 2021 and he is loving it! Such a warm feeling when I am dropping him off and he gets excited to see his teacher in the morning. They have lots of activities planned out for the kiddies and the indoor bounce house is awesome! Would highly recommend." - Rainbow Room Parent

"My son loves going to preschool here. Everyone I’ve been in contact with has been so nice and helpful, and they even teach the kids sign language throughout the day. They also send updates & pictures through their app! Truly an amazing place". - Butterfly Room Parent

Sibling Discount

We understand many families may have more than one child attending our center. We want to help with the cost of affordable childcare. Each additional child will receive 10% off the weekly fee. We also will offer a Military Discount at 10% and a Tribal Discount at 10%