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​Meet The Team 

Ms. Evelyn Carela- Director

Ms. Evelyn is originally from Brooklyn, NY and has lived Connecticut for three years now.  She graduated from the State University of New York at Canton in 2013 with her Associates Degree in Early Childhood. She graduated in May of 2021 from Charter Oak State College with her Bachelors in Sociology. She has several years of experience in caring for children of all ages. She has years of experience in childcare settings as a toddler teacher, preschool teacher and worked in the public school system. When she's not studying, reading or working she enjoys spending time with her daughters and her husband. She thanks you for trusting us with your most precious gifts. 

"Children are an inheritance from God". (Psalms 127:3) 

Ms. Stormie - Wiggly Worms Lead Teacher

  Ms. Stormie is one of Babbling Bambinos awesome toddler teachers. Her main passion is life is art and bringing creative expression to children! She was previously an art studio instructor and she is able to bring her creative art skills and knowledge to the classroom. She believes in giving children creative freedom in a structured environment. She enjoys being able to help foster their growth and development each day. Her exciting art projects and enthusiasm bring a smile to her kiddos faces each and every day!

Ms. Xiomara- Baby Room Lead Teacher

Ms. Xiomara is our infant room Lead teacher. She loves working with infants because they are a joy to be around and always put a smile on her face. She is a mother of 3 and has years of experience. Raising her own children has helped her to work better with children in a structured environment. The infants absolutely adore her warm and motherly personality. She is a wonderful, patient and loving teacher and the babies enjoy being with her every day!

Ms. Michaela- Classroom Floater

Ms. Michaela is originally from Rhode Island and recently relocated to Ledyard. She completes her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education in May of 2022 and  then will pursue her Bachelors Degree at the University of Rhode Island. Ever since she was young, she desired to work in the Early Childhood field. Michaela is dedicated and passionate about preparing fun activities and lessons for her kiddos! She will always make sure that she is that person who will go the extra mile to make every child feel special.

Ms. Arianna- Dragonfly Room Lead Teacher

 Ms. Arianna has four years of experience working with kids. She enjoys coming to work each day working with our toddler and young two's. In her spare time, Ms. Arianna teaches dance and is an avid dancer herself! 

Ms. Kylee- Classroom Floater

Ms. Kylee is a bright and patient young lady dedicated to working with little ones. She is a huge asset to the program and she lights up any classroom she is in!

Ms. Nadia-Baby Bees Teacher

Ms. Nadia is a caring and artistic individual who has always loved being around kids. Her experience growing up in a large family has prepared her to work with kids of all ages. Kids always make her laugh and she enjoys being an essential person in a child's life.  In her free time she likes to draw, do photography, hair and makeup. She also enjoys spending time with her family. The babies in her classroom absolutely adore her. Her patient and calm demeanor makes her an invaluable asset to the classroom.

Mr. Angel - Wiggly Room Floater

Mr. Angel is one of our fantastic floater teachers joining us this fall He's fairly new to early childhood but you couldn't tell because he's a natural in the classroom! The kids love him and he loves them back! He is a recent high school graduate who plans on attending Three Rivers College for Nursing in the Fall.