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​Meet The Team

Ms. Briana- Rainbow Room Toddler Teacher

I love working with children because everyday is a new adventure. You may not know if the day will go smoothly but you know it will never be boring. You will go home learning just as much as the children did that day! I enjoy being able to see them learn and grow everyday while creating connections. There is nothing better than the spark in their eyes when they figure out a puzzle. I love being hands on doing activities alongside the children everyday while getting to know everyone on an individual level. Being able to teach them different subjects through various activities that not only keep their interests but teaches them important skills is a passion of mine. I am looking forward to the many laughs and stories we will share here in our classroom while creating our little family. No matter what is going on in the world when I'm with my kids everything is great!. They make the world a better place..

Ms.  Vanessa- Infant Room Teacher

I am a proud mom of two wonderful little boys! I am joining the team here with four years of experience as a Head Teacher at other daycares. I also have worked at one of our local elementary schools. I am currently attending Three Rivers to continue my education in Early Childhood Education. I love working with children of all ages and being able to watch how differently each age group changes and grows. To me the best part of working in childcare is being able to watch each child go through all of the milestones from crawling, walking, potty training, to writing their name. I love it all! To me it is very important to make sure that your children are comfortable in their home away from home. Being able to know that I am doing my part in them being comfortable here means the world to me. I know how hard it can be to leave them as Parents. I am full of cuddles and can't wait to meet your little ones.  * in my free time I like to do new and fun things with my family such as travel, go to museums, spending time outdoors, doing crafts, sports and baking. 

Ms. Chyanne- Preschool Teacher

I will be teaching in the Preschool Room, I have worked with Pre-K for the last three years.  I have always loved being around children and my love for teaching has only grown over the last several years as I got to watch my children grow into such amazing tiny humans. 

When Im not working I like to spend time with my family, going on adventures, reading and shopping! I can't wait to spend the next year learning and growing with your little ones!

Ms. LisaMarie- Head Teacher 

I come to Babbling Bambinos with many years of experience. I can't wait to dive in and start working with the little ones. To be a teacher has been so rewarding over the years. Being able to watch each of my students go onto elementary school is always bitter sweet, but I know that when they have left me they are beyond ready. That itself puts a smile on my face. I am looking forward to growing here and being able to touch the lives of a new group of little ones. 

Nadia-Teacher's Aide

I'm a caring and artistic person who has always loved being around kids. Probably because I have grown up in such a large family and have always had many different ages around me. Kids always make me laugh and its nice to know that I'm doing the parents a favor while they have to work keeping their littles happy and safe. I am really looking forward to meeting all of our new kids. In my free time I like to draw, do photography, hair & makeup. Family time is also really important to me!

Noelani-Teacher's Aide

Family is everything and I remember when I was in daycare as a kid. Some days were hard as I had to watch mom leave others were great, especially fieldtrip days. So going into this I know that my goal is to make everyday as good as possible for each of our children. I am most excited to get to know everyone individually and I look forward to the many different characters that are about to be running around. In my free time I love to do hair and makeup, I model and spend lots of time with my big family. This is a new adventure for me and I'm excited to see where it will go.  Can't wait to see everyone.

Ms. Lori- Assistant Director

What can I say, " I LOVE KIDS!"  For over 30 years now I have been so blessed to have worked with so many children. I absolutely love what I do. Watching everyone grow over the years into young adults has been the most rewarding. Here at Babbling Bambinos my knowledge is definitely being put to great use as we have had to adapt to Covid guidelines. I look forward to meeting all of the new faces this year and starting on a new journey while being a part of new little lives. 

Check Out What Has Change

Before Renovations

Just a little glimpse into our space before we started to renovations at our daycare. It has truly been a crazy process. 

After Renovations

Watching this whole process from start to finish has been really rewarding. I hope that everyone of our little bambinos who will soon be joining us will enjoy the spaces I have created. 

Distance Learning Room

Now taking students Kindergarten to 5th Grade. Call for enrollment information!